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 About Us

Syndicate Database Solutions Started operating in 1994 through the software development company known as Computer Elements. After more than two decades of growth, the company now offers a broad range of solutions, software and services.

Syndicate's success is underpinned by the insight that technology can be either a challenge or an advantage in today's continually changing business environment. Companies face the constant challenge of keeping up with shrinking business cycles and ever-shortening technology curves. By deploying meaningful, strategic solutions that deliver business-based results quickly, our organisation helps these companies turn technology into a tool that can be used to their advantage. This has enabled Syndicate to become a leading provider of business software to the forestry industry.

Our forestry solution, Microforest, is an integrated plantation management system which includes comprehensive modules for databases, inventory, planning, scheduling, logistics, as well as interfaces to the popular GIS/Mapping and accounting systems.

Syndicate's success is founded upon three, overlapping areas of excellence: 1)  disciplined business strategies, 2) first-class people and 3) best-of-breed technologies.

Our team's combined vision is the driving force behind its innovative business strategies. The Syndicate team is single-mindedly dedicated to achieving breakthrough results both with and for their clients.

As both an Oracle and Microsoft business partner, Syndicate utilises the Oracle Database and Microsoft software development solutions for the rapid assembly of internet-based business solutions. The development team specialises in the use of the .NET development framework.