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 Application Hosting

Plantation Manager Internet (PMi) offers your organisation considerable up-front cost savings and reduced risk.

PMi delivers the full functionality of the Plantation Manager module over the internet. Ideal for even the remotest environments, customers need only a standard internet connection (64k) to run the solution, including spatial viewing.

Constructed from cutting-edge technologies, PMi frees organisations from the operational burden of installing, maintaining and updating the software internally.

A more flexible and reliable option, PMi allows both small and large forestry businesses alike the opportunity to gain competitive technological advantage without the usual up-front costs and headaches.

Based on the ASP (Application Service Provider) model, PMi lets microforest clients outsource the delivery of the application and take advantage of Syndicate's expertise in providing managed hosting services.

Through PMi, Syndicate relieves organisations of the technological headaches associated with running a mission-critical application by taking responsibility for all installation, data migration and configuration, database administration, monitoring and backup services.

Hosted at a world class data centre, with several years of experience in the ASP field, clients can also expect 24x7 operations, watertight security and effective disaster recovery services.

PMi frees your organisation up to concentrate on what it does best.

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