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At Syndicate, we recognise the important role our customers play. The high quality of our products is partly due to the valued, continued input of our customers. Our philosophy is to use their feedback to continually improve our systems and share those beneifts with everyone in the Syndicate community.

Forestry — South Africa:

 >> Bedrock MS 

 >> Cape Pine

 >> Komatiland Forests

 >> Limpopo Forestry Company

 >> Masonite Africa

 >> Merensky

 >> Mondi

 >> PG Bison 

 >> Reatile Timrite 

 >> Treated Timber Products

 >> York Timbers 

Forestry — Swaziland:

 >> Peak Timbers

Forestry — Zimbabwe:

 >> Border Timbers 

 >> The Wattle Company

Forestry — Africa (other):

 >> Chikweti Forests of Niassa (Mozambique)

 >> Florestas de Niassa (Mozambique)

 >> Green Resources (Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda)

 >> Ifloma (Mozambique: with Komatiland Forests)

 >> Kilombero Valley Teak Company (Tanzania)

 >> Nicol Miro Forestry Company (Ghana, Sierra Leone)

 >> The New Forest Company (Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda)

Forestry — South America:

 >> Forest First Holdings (Colombia)

Forestry — Pacific Rim Region:
 >> PT. Musi Hutan Persada (Indonesia)




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