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Syndicate Database Solutions focuses on helping clients achieve competitive advantage by implementing high-impact, technology-enabled business solutions.

Drawing on a strong blend of skills covering project management, business analysis, methodologies and development practices, the organisation focuses on assisting its customers with the building of distributed, scaleable business solutions using modern object and component technologies.

Syndicate has extensive experience in delivering high-availability, high-performance, enterprise-wide software solutions for a wide variety of industries, including the forestry, financial and telecommunications industries.

The continued success of each Syndicate solution is based upon two factors:

>> An incremental and iterative approach to software development - enabling the organisation to deliver on time and to accommodate requirement changes during the development cycle.

>> The use of existing, tested and proven components, frameworks and experience - a means of fast tracking development times and reducing costs.

Technology platform
The development team at Syndicate has applied their skills on various technology platforms during the last decade, including J2EE and the Microsoft platforms. With the advent of .NET a few years ago, they realised it offers the optimum environment for developer productivity and total cost of ownership, thus making it the team's development platform of choice.

Further strengthening the case for a .NET environment is the possibility of using a so-called "Smart Client" architecture, replacing the more traditional browser based solution. A "Smart Client" is a windows application that replaces the traditional web browser (and its inherent short-comings). It is a smart, flexible and convenient application that uses local processing, but communicates with an application server using Web services or .NET Remoting calls over TCP/IP or HTTP(S) and can be deployed and updated from a centralised server.

In an environment where an intra/internet application is used 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with certain (high) expectations for a rich user experience, Smart Client architecture is the architecture of choice.

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