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Microforest Plantation Manager internet

Microforest Plantation Manager internet or PMi is an upgrade of the original Plantation Manager module that uses the latest technologies to deliver the full power of the application over the internet.

The application can be accessed from anywhere — using a standard broadband or dial-up internet connection — without experiencing any loss of functionality or performance.

This is possible because PMi uses cutting-edge technologies to deploy the application as a ‘smart client’. Installation and future updates are easy because the central server manages the application dynamically and only requires a small or “thin” version of Plantation Manager to be installed on the local (user’s) machine.

The performance and functionality matches that typically only experienced on the local network because the ‘smart client’ architecture intelligently maximises local resource usage and requires fewer round-trips to the server.

Why not experience the performance and convenience of Plantation Manager internet directly by downloading and installing the free evaluation version available.

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100% Internet. 100% Better.

Our upgraded Plantation Manager module, PMi, has been launched.

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