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Microforest Plantation Manager

Microforest Plantation Manager (PM) is an integrated, GIS based, plantation management system. It covers the full life cycle of forestry operations from planning through to operations management.

A comprehensive forestry database forms the foundation of PM. Its state-of-the art design supports each of the main land use types — commercial plantations, natural areas, roads and other infrastructure types.

The screenshot below illustrates how powerful the application is — data editors, spatial viewers and comprehensive reporting tools are all combined into one easy to use and convenient desktop interface. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Within PM, separate, customised modules are available for Compartments, Open/Natural Areas, Roads and Infrastructure. The Operations module manages all activities related to any of these land uses.

The screenshot below shows a typical map in the Plantation Manager graphical display. It shows the current APOs across a plantation and the progress of the APOs as well. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Why not experience the performance and convenience of Plantation Manager internet directly by downloading and installing the free evaluation version available.

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Our upgraded Plantation Manager module, PMi, has been launched.

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